Monday, July 15, 2013

Finally back to writing.

This house hunting/relocation processes has been killing my creativity for like two months now. Today is a new day though! We made an offer on a house and found out this morning it was accepted. So, I can cross that off the bazillion things I still have to do. However, that one item was a big one. Sure, we still have to sell our current house, hire inspectors, sign papers, move stuff, and completely renovate the new house, but just taking that one thing off my stress-out list has got me writing again. Look! I'm doing it right now!

I worked on book two this morning, and after I am done here, I'm gonna work on it a little more. Then it will be back to the reality of cooking dinner, folding laundry, and painting the rest of the trim and doors so it's nice and purdy for prospective buyers. Life is good, the coffee is strong, and the keys are smooth...

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