Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Science Fiction Convention Time!!!!!!

Hey Guys!

 So this weekend is Con Nooga in Chattanooga, TN. and I'll be there doing my thing. Con Nooga is Chattanooga's Only Multiple Genre Convention spanning: Sci-Fi, Horror, Anime, Paranormal, Fantasy, Literature, Comics, Gaming, Bands (music), Movies, etc. They've got me on six panels this year. In between panels, I'll be at my booth selling copies of The Valkyrie Profiles. Also, when you buy a copy of the book at Con Nooga (or if you buy an ebook copy and bring in the email receipt), you'll be entered in a raffle for a super awesome Geek Basket (see what I did there??) that is chock full of cool merchandise from Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars, Super Mario Bros, World of Warcraft, Dr. Who, and more. Just talking about it kinda makes me not want to give it to one of you guys... Anyway, here's my schedule so if you are in the area come see me!

5:00PM Author Meet and Greet

10:00AM Building and Breaking Classic Story Structure

NOON Plotter or Pantser? Using Outlines - Pros and Cons

2:00PM Writing Scenes - The Building Blocks of Story - workshop/discussion

8:00 PM What's My Plot? A No Holds-Barrd Plot off! Challenge our authors with an idea and see who comes up with the best plot!

12:00 PM Writing Believable Dialogue

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

Finally over the dreaded flu! It was a tough 10 days or so, but I am finally back at 100%. Despite the flu eating into my writing time, I received wonderful news today! The Valkyrie Profiles has made it to the second round selections for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award *Squeal* This has totally got me pumped. There are four rounds total so I still have a long way to go. Either way, I'm honored and excited and ready to get back to work at full throttle. Here's a link to the contest page if you'd like to check out the details: http://www.amazon.com/Breakthrough-Novel-Award-Books/b?ie=UTF8&node=332264011

Not much else to report on today so I'll leave you with this: