Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prequel Short Story for The Valkyrie Trilogy

The prequel story for the Valkyrie Trilogy is almost ready for release and may be out as soon as next week! To celebrate, here's a sneak peak!

* * * * *

     “We have to destroy him.”
    “And then what? Destroy the other hundred or more Gen F models to be safe? I’ll not do that, Job.”
     “Keeping it here any longer is too dangerous,” the man pleaded. “Please. The government will get wind of this and the whole facility will be shut down. We’ll all be jailed, or worse, and all your robots, not just the Gen Fs, will be taken.”
     “Fine,” Robespierre said, pushing past him.
     “I said fine.”
     “So…you’ll be putting in the decommission order then?” Radfield asked cautiously.
     “No. I’m changing its status to domestic. Have it transferred to my home immediately, and I’ll resume the inquiry on my own time and at my own risk.”
     “You can’t do that, Maria!” he shouted as he ran after her.
     The woman abruptly turned to face him. Radfield skidded to a halt just inches from colliding into her.
     “My resources. My research. My facility. I can do whatever the hell I want.” Robespierre was a full foot shorter and a decade younger than he, but the venom in her voice combined with the sudden closeness of their proximity made him flinch and take a step back.
     Robespierre resumed her departure.
     Radfield couldn’t stop her. She had always been an eccentric woman, treating these robots as if they were almost human. But now, he was quite convinced she’d gone mad.

* * * * *

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